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Project Management in Healthcare
What does Project Managers do in healthcare?
I know that Industrial Engineers are sometimes hired to handle Continuous Improvement in Processes.

From the Engineering side, what is sought after for effective PMs?
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The term "health care" is quite broad
There are IT projects within Health care .
There could be infrastructure or Application delivery within those IT projects
There could also be pure process improvement projects within Healthcare not involving technology but purely people and processes OR
There could be Process Improvement projects within Health care including people, processes and technology .
Project Managers have many essential roles in healthcare, with projects such as:

Facilities – large hospitals & community providers are continually changing and updating their premises
IT – healthcare has numerous IT systems, which in many cases do not speak to each other at all & have to be managed separately. Most are usually bought in.
Service change- e.g. moving patient pathways to a community setting, this has to be carefully managed to ensure care is delivered and staffed safely
Training – healthcare has large workforces that need to be kept up to date with new developments and trained appropriately to their roles, with evidenced accreditation
Compliance- healthcare is heavily regulated and responses to audits etc have to be managed
Cost improvement- as with any large organisations, there are many opportunities for efficiency projects
Equipment- large complex equipment suites have to be replaced quickly and carefully, e.g. pharmacy & laboratory equipment
Public health- campaigns to influence public health have to be managed and measured

The key skills are the same for any other PM, although there needs to be greater emphasis on flexibility – patients come first, also clinical staff work many and varied rotas, and the service runs 24/7/365 and usually with a very unpredictable workload.
They generally manage the projects in HealthCare industry! There are lots of projects out there and project managers should manage them.
I work in healthcare, I don't have a project manager job title but I manage projects within my department. There are different categories of project management in healthcare especially in a hospital setting. You can be project manager of operations, you can be facilities project manager, IT project manager, performance improvement project manager etc. In my own case, I manage performance/quality improvement projects.

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