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Client Management-How do u manage them in your company???
I see Client management so important in delivering projects on time.
A Robust Project Plan,Right communication at all levels,Team with right skills & character are some of the terms that come to mind.
But the term Client management is less spoken about in terms of executing projects.Is the Term Client management reserved for Top management above project manager level OR The Project gets delivered on time,budget & scope if the term is managed well ,below/From Project manager Level?
Iam with the second option.
What are your thoughts on the same?
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HI, in my view, you have to engage all of them from top management to low level. it takes a lot of time but it's how you also identify risks, which is clearly a key benefits.
To conclude, it also allows to the PM to feel how the project is going.
Our company utilizes account managers who focus on the sales cycle and executive level relationship building. Once we're under contract for a software implementation, the project teams work directly with each other and the relationship management falls to the PM to manage, with each individual contributing.

If you have GREAT relationships with your clients / stakeholders, they are often not as concerned with changes to project plans, because you've built trust. That is to say, obviously don't blow smoke, be worthy of the trust they're placing in you, but you have less push-back when the relationships are healthy and active.
Officially, like Grace points out, there can be an AM role. That said, do we distinguish from Client management and Client relations? Then, that begs the question of those two intertwining. One feeds the other. As the PM, you are in direct contact with the client daily, while the AM, not so much. All stems from you, as the PM. So while maybe not accountable, certainly and most likely, responsible.
below points are helpful to manage the clients.
1- should communicate with clients frequently.
2- Involve your clients on what you do.
3- Present new opportunities -This shows clients we’re forward thinking about the future direction of accounts
4- Be transparent
If you are a Service Provider - In other words, if your company provides products or services to another organisation or department , you have a client or a customer.
For me a client, customer, stakeholder - whatever term you use , corresponds to someone who will be affected by the Product, Service or Result that your project is delivering. Therefore it is important to keep them satisfied at all times using effective communication and stakeholder management.

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