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Is Culture Good or Bad for Projects/Company & Society at Large???
Hearing Culture brings lot of refreshing memories & a happy feeling wherever it is associated with be it a company or work places or small town or City or State or most important Country Itself.
In Projects does culture actually help the projects delivering on time or there is a downside to it as well???
Here i would not like to touch on Men or Women Groups or Culture ,If the So called Leadership is later then tries to hire more women kind of phenomenon & vice a versa.
I guess there is a belief that Culture creates lot of harmony at workplaces,employees are happy to work with like minded people to whom they can actually relate,less attrition,more trust from top to lower hierarchy ,Job Security open communication & most important Family Security in all respects.
The other way to look at Culture is they bring less ideas on table,Bunch of Non-Performers from top to lower level,Projects gets delayed as we cant push them far,slow growth,loss of clients/Business as they cant see any value from Non-Performers ,low skilled employees & that is when we start to hear Layoffs.
Also i see a Phenomenon where the level above project manager is Diverse while the level below project manager is full of culture,the idea behind is they feel employees will actually perform.
My take is let Culture stay in Society or States but when in comes to work places or Projects ,We should go for High Performers who can actually deliver ,no matter from where they come as Opposed to Satisfying the Hierarchy for keeping there positions safe without Performance & Finally Business goes down.
What is your opinion on the same???
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Culture is brought to life by a group of people so there's no way to avoid its effects on a project. Rather, a PM should encourage the team to develop a culture which goes beyond regional or organizational cultural limits or biases if that will result in greater value to the project and themselves.

With all my due respect, the first thing yoiu have to ask yourself is: what does "culture" mean? Not for you, but the meaning of culture accepted for the academic world which is the same that you can see in action inside the place where you work. By the way, organizations are open and adaptable systems then they had a related architecture. Cuture is one of the variables you will find inside the business layer of the architecture. So, culture is impacting everything you do inside the organization.
Culture is created by the people around you in the project. If the culture helps the project to succeed let us keep it. Do Retrospect on the cultural aspects which works for the project. In fact we can have common culture for the project as well

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