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Manage or lead the change
Organizational change is important because strategic projects produce changes. The project manager has an important role in this matter, and also the sponsor. In this context, the project manager must only manage the change or should also lead the change somehow?
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Project manager must engage organizational change SME to add the needed activities to project plan.
Leading the change ‚somehow‘ is a bad idea. As Sergio says, change expertise is necessary but also change leadership. Could be the sponsor, the project manager or a change leader.
Look at for example.
Agreed -- these are 2 roles. What could work in most contexts is to distinguish between the 'Change Leader', which I like to think of as the business sponsor or figurehead. The change manager can be a project manager or an organizational change SME, and is more concerned with the planning and delivery of activities.
A large aspect of effective management is leadership. "Leading the charge" or "leading from the front", as opposed to giving orders from the safety of the rear can be a very effective means to get the support of others. It is leadership through example, rather than "Do as I say and not as I do."

Change is difficult and uncomfortable for most people. Approximately 30% of people are motivated by community and feel comfortable with change once it is accepted by the broader community. Being one of the first people to embrace an organizational change as a leader provides an example that helps show others they are not alone and can accept change as well.

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