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Is possible that the artificial intelligence some time replace the work of a Human Project Manager?

In a project the decessions are only logical ?. Is project management an art or a science?
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I think artificial intelligence is currently used for decision making at the top management level..

I think project management requires a lot of soft skills like leadership, EQ, communication skills, ...etc. that are really difficult to replicate in an AI system, but AI can assist project managers in the technical side of the job.

I think in the future PMs are still going to be needed but their soft skills are going to be much more important than their technical skills.

Good question and very wide field to discuss.

I would argue that most human decisions are not logical but based on feelings, why else would anybody buy an overprized item like Rolex or Porsche or why are people not taking decisions 'if does not feel right'. Logical decisions are furthermore already automatized by regulations, processes, computers, AI.

So yes, as also Gartner says, many tasks (decisions) of a human project manager today will be automated soon.

What is not included (yet) is leading and building a team, negotiating with stakeholders, communicating empathically, which we see as soft skills or leadership capabilities. So this will be probably the remaining part of project management for some time. Until no humans are needed for projects (and will there be projects if there are no humans?).

Jose, sorry for talking about me but is just to put on the table what I am doing from years in order to learn from people comments. I am researching and using IA from 1986 up to date. Today, with the help of quantum computers, I am researching in sumulation of human consciousness using IA and quantum computers. We are surrounded of IA devices (software and non-software) from long time ago without notice it. For example, inside refrigerators. IA devices are not intended to replace human being. The final decision always must be taken by human beings. I am writting that just in case people like to make some research on what IA mean and how IA is used.

Yeah, why not. At least for some type of projects

Interesting question Jose.
I think AI will help organizations be able to make better decisions with regards to the projects that they decide that they want to do... metrics and things of the sort.
There are some very useful tools that I imagine we will have access to as project managers in order to help us deliver our projects however in my opinion there will always be a need for project managers. Human beings are complex individuals and emotional intelligence as well as human interaction will always be required at least on some levels when delivering projects.

Hi Jose! What an interesting question. For me, none can be a good project manager who's not able to call his sixth sense to solve some tricky issues when leading projects. In certain circumstances, we haven't the time to reflect, we just do what we have to do because something in the deepest of our mind, heart and soul tell us that it's true. We can spend days and days without being able to void this topic with everyone having his grain of salt to put on it. But personally I assume that AI can't even accomplish the tenth of human capabilities. We all must bear in mind that our native emotional intelligence has more potential than any other tool which might exist. This argument is valid in project management as well as in any other domain.

Yes, it's "possible." Much of today's common technology once seemed impossible. In the near future, I don't think project managers will be replaced by technology. But I do think technology will continue to evolve, giving project managers new tools and opportunities. Conversely, project managers who do not adapt will find themselves at a disadvantage.

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