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What would you suggest me, should I got for PMP or PgMP Certification while I am working on Government - Digital India - e-Governance Programs?

I am inspired by PMI and wish to go ahead with Certification. I have Program management and Project Management experience in Government as well Private Sector. Currently I am working on Digital India - Change Management Programs. What would you suggest while choosing PMP and PgMP?
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I would recommend going with PM First because it will somehow help you when you do your PgMP as it is a very tough exam as far as I hear. Maybe others in this community have other opinions.

I believe the PMP is a prerequisite for the PhMP

PMP is not a pre-requisite for PgMP. If you manage multiple projects, then I recommond to look at PgMP. It is essential that you understand PMBOK before you pursue PgMP.

I have helped many from non-PMP background to achieve PgMP. However as Rami Kaibni mentioned, PgMP becomes easlier when you come from PMP background. It is possible to gain sufficient level of understanding of PMBOK for PgMP without PMP certfification. Overall I would say you need about 250 hours effort over 3-4 months for succesfully passing the PgMP.

You should secure your PMP, then go for the PgMP in my opinion

Agree with Harish. PMP first then PgMP is a natural sequence though not a requirement.

PMP and PgMP have different mindsets and focus. If your work includes planning and creating benefits, if you are open to new ideas, and make sure the benefits produce value, then PgMP is better. If you are more in the weeds looking at schedule and cost and want to avoid changes to the scope, then PMP is right.
Look here

PMP has much more street credentials than PgMP does.

I agree with HARISH. Yes although the PMP is not a prerequisite for the PgMP, it exposes you to the concepts and standards of the PMBOK which is very critical to the PgMP. My take.

I will say go for PgMP, meanwhile, actually you are equipped with knowledge to obtain your PMP, then why not go for PMP as well?

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