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What is the ideal DiSC profile for a project manager?
I'm curious what others consider to be the ideal DiSC profile of solidly performing project manager.

I am sure there is a variance between the 'ideal type' of a PM running very large projects vs small projects, short vs mulit-year. If you had to take a stab at what an average ideal DiSC profile would be though, what would you say?

If you are unfamiliar with DiSC, here are a couple sites that give an overview:
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Personally, I wouldn't pigeon-hole an individual into being successful or unsuccessful based on their DiSC Style.

I think DiSC is a great training resource, but it only measures TWO dimensions of a person. ( provides another resource to learn about DiSC).

If you are looking to see if someone will fit into your specific PM role, use a hiring assessment to determine that. You need to look at more than two-parts of a persons behavior. At the very least, you need to look at their cognitive skills.

You very well could find a strong correlation between DiSC and job success, but I think your success will deteriorate the longer you try to assume that DiSC is a good way to identify if someone will fill a PM Role. Someone with a strong attention to detail might fit the role well, but if they have no ability in math I would want them running numbers for my project.
There isn't a single ideal DiSC profile for a Project Manager. The best DiSC profile for a particular project varies depending on the project's stakeholders, the industry, the organizational culture, etc. That's why a Project Manager who excels in one particular project might find himself or herself a hated pariah in another project.
Successful Project Managers are flexible, able to read a situation and manifest their different DiSC traits to best suit the situation. It might even be necessary to do this several times with the same project.
I have heard of Horror stories of Employers trying to hire Project Managers based purely on DISC profile that are a combination of lets say "D" and "I"
At our Chapter's Professional Development Days conference, the keynote speaker separated the 150 participants present into their respective quadrants. Ds were predominant with Ss the lowest. This is apparantely a complete reversal of the general population's distribution.

It goes to show that you can be an effective project manager, regardless of your quadrant. We become situational leaders and adapt our style, as needed, to be most effective.
I agree with Stephane. Project Leadership is situational and we need to be adaptive based on a particular situation. In my experience, I have exhibit various quadrants of the DiSC profile based on the need of the project.
It’s difficult to point out one single DiSC profile for all project, it shall be flexible against various situations.

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