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Does anyone use the PMBOK guide after passing the PMP exam?
The PMBOK guide is supposed to be basis of project management knowledge. As the name suggests it should be used to guide the project management in professional life. How useful are the ITTOs put in the guide in real life?

Does it appear to have lot of tacit knowledge which just cannot be used without understanding the context?
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It's a great resource for methodology and I refer to it often when I am not sure how to handle a given scenario. It gives me the "by the book" answer.
Hello Pankaj: I refer to my PMBOK guide as a reference. I keep it near my desk and refer to as needed. It is my compass for true north.
It is recommended.
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

I consult the PMBOK Guide on a regular basis
In my opinion.......It may not be practical to use the PMBOK on daily or regular basis, however this also depends on the nature of your job. The PMBOK should be considered as PM resource. In practical project execution it can be used as a reference or go to resource.
I use PBMOK as reference guide, and I still use my ITTO cheat sheet for cross reference.
I use the PMBoK on a regular basis. Recently in an audit context.
actually it is my reference for cleaning some misunderstanding for some process when i face ...

believe me some times some confusion happens and you have to go back to your references to assure that you will do the right things
Sometimes, actually I come to this site more than I use the PMBOK for guidance.
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