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Does anyone use the PMBOK guide after passing the PMP exam?
The PMBOK guide is supposed to be basis of project management knowledge. As the name suggests it should be used to guide the project management in professional life. How useful are the ITTOs put in the guide in real life?

Does it appear to have lot of tacit knowledge which just cannot be used without understanding the context?
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Hi Pankaj,

I use it as reference mainly, but also to review parts I don't practice that much on a daily basis.
I refer to the PMBOK Guide many times a month. Let's not forget that it is a Guide. The Guide cannot contain or convey all of the project management body of knowledge. It is truly your sherpa to climbing the mountain of knowledge.
I knew the environment I work in would never apply the PMP methodology but i try to implement little things learned from the PMBOK like doing better Risk Planning (using the Risk Register), or engaging Stakeholders earlier on and more often. I tried to take as much as I can and share it with the other PMs in my PMO to make now a "standard".
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