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Vertical Gantt Chart
I worked as solution architect for complex telecom realtime billing migration in 2012-2013.
The PM asked me to create detailed activity timeplan using Gantt chart.

Due to the cutover contained lots of activities, I deemed regular Gantt chart is not suitable for it.
Reading large regular Gantt chart needs lots of horizontal mouse scrolling which is not as convenience as vertical scrolling.
As reading it will be difficult for other, it will be much more difficult for me to create/edit/revise it.

Hence, I created vertical Gantt chart which I described more detail in Linkedin article:
Here are sample charts:

The characteristics of the vertical Gantt chart are:
a. Time scale in vertical axis
b. Activity group name horizontal-top axis
c. Activity box's height represents the duration of the activity. .
d. Activity box's width is not limited. Hence, we can write name and additional description in it.

The resulted chart is more compact than regular Gantt chart. It also takes less scrolling to read it.

I found that my customer easily edited my chart to add activities under their responsibility.
Other team member indeed still made their own regular literal-mode Gantt chart.
However, customer chose to use my vertical Gantt chart to track the work.

There is no tool like MS Project to create vertical Gantt chart yet.
But you can create one quite easily using Excel or other spreadsheet.
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Mochamad -

I've usually found that very few folks need to be able to see the full details in a graphical view once a schedule has been baselined. The power of tools like MSP is that stakeholders can filter the full list to focus on just what's meaningful to them (e.g. milestones, critical path tasks, activities using a particular resource group, activities falling within the next month).

Thanks for sharing this. Nice job being creative to meet your stakeholder needs.
Hello Mochamad - this is the sign of a flexible PM helping his stakeholders receive the communication they need in the best format for them! Great job!
Agree with sediments of Wade and Lori. Great job adapting to the needs/feedback of stakeholders.
Interesting to know about your creativity and developing vertically fit Gantt chart providing you and your team a ease to work with. Thanks for sharing your creative approach. However same time I agree with Kiron's view also.
This is great to know. I have found this very flexible and easy to work with
This is great, thank for sharing!

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