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What tools/software do you use to document communication?
A project can have communication in the forms of meeting notes, emails exchanged, any IM messages that might go back and forth etc. Do you use a centralized document to store all this information where you can conveniently search for some content if you need to go back in time?

Communication can be spread across various mediums throughout the project and consolidating it into one place and indexing it for searching purposes is crucial in my opinion.
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A communication plan could be created that specifies which information is stored where in which format for keeping records. The document store should be searchable, easy to use, have access control to provide security, structured, taggable. Could have an email address to cc any emails in. We called it project control book (PCB) and had a specific application set up for it.

Not all communication should be preserved to enable creativity.
The project I work on uses an OpenText instance to store all project documents and emails. It integrates directly with Office applications.
Prithviraj -

Without introducing a lot of administrative effort (e.g. remembering to archive email messages) using a collaborative, persistent chat platform such as Slack or MS Teams can help to consolidate communications related to a specific project or team.

Thanks everyone!

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