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Where Will I Get The Best Educational Content For The Preparation Of PMP Exam
After so extreme hard work, still I could not find the most significant and easy-to-find educational content for the preparation of my PMI PMP exam. I request you all that to recommend me such educational material through which I examine my PMP exam nobly.
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I liked the PMP Exam Prep by Rita, along with the PMBOK and good quality exam simulator like Fast Trac.
You can check It has links not only to his own programs and tests but to thousands of questions on PMP exam preparation and webinars from competing paid and free websites. I just passed the exam last month using that. Also painful truth is you have to read the PMBOK guide at least twice to learn the theory or facts behind the questions.
PMSTUDY and Udemy applications are the best!!!
I agree with Sante: I followed a lot of different methods until I found the Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep and her FastTrack. If I were to prepare myself again I would just focus on her method.
Yes, it has been tried and tested many times.
First thing to do is to read and understand the related materials into the certification site like Content Outline, Handbook and Recomended Reading List. With that on hand you do not need more than the PMBOK and make tons of exam questions that you can find for free.
Rita's Book, PMBOK guide and
PM Prepcast - The best $130-$150 that i have ever invested in my life
Udemy is the cheapest and becoming extremely good for content.

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