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How important are specific Leadership Techniques in your organization?

Specifically, does your organization show a trend toward hiring or training Servant Leaders? I have found the concept of servant leadership to be growing in business and find that to be very helpful within my own company.
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Yes. Including it the organization has changed the role name to coach. But the important thing is not we said than what we do in the field. My actual organization is leaving this type of things in the field.

Definitely, through roles like Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches

Servant leadership implies situational leadership, which is difficult to assess. This makes it difficult to realistically hire proficient servant leaders. As for training, you can impart knowledge but only experience can truly form servant leaders.

We have a variety of training for people in either a technical leadership role, or a management focused role. The focus of both is the soft skills of how to lead effectively, rather than how to be a technical expert in whatever you do. Although they don't use the terms explicitly, much of that curriculum involves being the servant leader.

One of the problems frequently mentioned is often the best technical person is identified for the promotion, but the job role requires a leader, rather than a technical SME. The training is oriented around understanding yourself and your own style (e.g. using a DISC analysis), and understanding the dynamics of working with others of different styles to address people situations rather than product issues.

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