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Help with pmp application
I need help with my pmp application. My project management experience has been as working as a cost schedule analyst, engineer planner, and failure analysis lab coordinator.

I am having trouble breaking down into the 5 groups.
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The simplest way is to build a matrix of your experience against the project groups. For each position/role, estimate a percentage of the period you spent against each project group. Then convert the percentage into a duration.
I agree with Stéphane on aligning your experience against the project groups, but the terms you used in your post can mean different things at different companies. The PMI process groups themselves may be broken out differently than your workplace, so I would suggest first writing down the job responsibilities in more detail, before trying to fit them to the PMI model. Remember that the PMBoK is not a sequence of steps, but rather a set of overlapping knowledge areas.

Think of it like if you were defining a set of job requirements to hire someone for that job. Is it data entry, or is it processing information, and figuring out how to use it? Once you've defined the duties in more detail with a high level process flow for how they fit together, it might be easier to fit them into the PMI categories.
I agree with Stephane. Give it a shot.
Laura -

I'd suggest downloading the PMP Application Assistant workbook (Google it and you'll find it) as it has a worksheet with a whole bunch of sample activity descriptions which you could use in the summary blurbs for the projects you are submitting in the application.

Great Idrea from Kiron, that would help you best !
Best idea from Kiron.
I agree with Kiron.
You can find a good workbook here:

Good luck.

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