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Hi Gantheads
Pl to answer me. How to track the time,quality &cost mgmt in project mgmt. I have very focus objective with structured & sclaed target of deliverables supply . My wory is as i have already tailored my goals for supply of each item in project with their respective delivery month. But couldnt prefessionally use the project drivers for time,quality,cost. For your inf we are using MS Project as well but i think that does not gives concrete & systemetic way to go with this desired activity. Rather i know objective of all three in project mgmt and it is quite meaningful as well process but couldnt fuel-up myself just becaz of lack of some latest technical approach . These becomes a key barometer of project. I also use EVA but i am bit confuse that is it the same tool which require to monitor the cost , if yes than what is the tool for time managemnt. One more thing how to track the vendor supply with their anticipated date of delivery

Thanks in anticpation

MS project can help track time and cost directly. With a QAQC programme the MS project can give indicative dates for inspections etc.

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