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Was Frank Zappa an Agile Practitioner?

One of my favorite videos to watch and refer to is this one ( where Frank Zappa speaks about the decline of the Music Industry because of the approach that the recording executives of the 1960's had compared to the approach of the recording executives of the 1980's had. The 1960's approach was characterized by welcoming change, working with the unknown and engaging the user community, or the audience/consumer in this case, specifically the "hippie kids". Later on in the industry, the younger generation that had the opportunity to change the industry became the leaders and were NOT open to change and did not show an appetite for risk. They were more restrictive and preferred "Process and Tools" over "Individuals and Interactions".
This is an example of how the age/generation alignment between Agile and Youth vs. Waterfall and Older Experienced workers is blown away.
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