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How to improve personal agility to achieve enterprise level agility?

Role of personal agility in achieving enterprise level agility with commitment from all stakeholders.
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Personal agility doesn't usually involve the change to interpersonal behavior required for a successful organization transformation, but other than that, improvements in personal agility should contribute to elevating overall organization agility by reducing personal "waste" and creating alignment towards customer value.

Perhaps training your body.....Besides the bad joke, it is not new. Go to CMU SEI PSP (personal software process) which is the basement for agile and agility.

Organizational change occurs at the individual level. If you want all stakeholders to change, get ready for a lot of work.

There is truth is Aaron's statement. Agile organizations are only as strong as their agile leaders. And, no, I don't mean leader as an organizational role.

Thank you all for providing the great insights.

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