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I'm 5 years into contracts management

I'm 5 years into contracts management and currently enrolled on the PMP course.

I've just discovered that the entry requirements on the application for the exam request that you must have project management experience. I work in contract management.

I was assured when l signed up for the course that this would be enough, however, l have arranged this course on my own and it's not related to my current role.

I have completed 9 of the 35 courses with 80% or more pass so far, my question is, am l wasting my time and money doing a course, I'm worried that l do not have the demonstrable experience to be able to apply for the exam.
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A contract development can be a project. You initiate it, plan it, negotiate it, check if it still is good for you and sign it. You probably have a team of specialists involved. etc.

Angela -

I would have recommended applying first for the exam before taking any courses, but as Thomas has indicated, you could position your contracts work as relevant. You may want to Google for the PMP Application Assistant workbook as that will give you a list of sample activity descriptions by PMBOK process group which you could use when describing your work experience on the application form.

Good luck!


I think you might be taking the project management a little too literally. As Thomas pointed out, you have to look beyond the project manager hat. It's about doing the work not having a title.

I think you have the required work experience.

I agree with Kiron.
An important point: You need 35 hours of training not 35 courses.

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