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How to start building an approach for a new process and new technology that needs to transition to a new team?
To give a bit of context:
I am trying to build a transition approach for a new sourcing methodology and new tool to a new body of supporting people.
There are a few unknowns which present a high risk and concern over the build plan:
1. We cannot just transition the current sourcing methodology as we will also be changing the technology layer that will intersect with the methodology.
2. We will be switching technologies, therefore need to also deploy tech training to the same newly formed team.
3. The newly formed team could be formed by one person or multiple. Most probably will end up with maximum of two FTEs.

I am pretty sure other PMs have tackled same sort of challenge, maybe in a Procurement environment or large enterprise level. Would appreciate any piece of feedback.
Holca -

Would recommend involving a change manager in this project who can help by building a change strategy (based on stakeholder analysis) and plan. They would work closely with communications analysts and instructional designers to produce and implement the "levers" for executing the change.


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