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How can I become a great construction project manager?
Is there anyway I can increase my efficiency and effectiveness without having the experience?
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Interesting one. If you want to learn swimming, you have to enter in swimming pool. So without real understanding of trade it is difficult to improve your effectiveness. All the best and thanks a lot !!
Following your advice I will start volunteering with PMI to get more experience.
Volunteering is a good way to get experience.
Strive for adding to your PM skills permanently.

Looking at the PMI Talent Triangle, you might also improve your leadership capabilities. A good means is the toastmaster's pathways leadership track.
For basic project management skills, look at and new offerings coming soon.

In construction, I think BIM is mandatory to drive digitalization for project management. Learn about it.
First step is to clearly define what "great" means. That must be defined into the context you are working in, for example the company where you will perform your project manager activities. Thigs like "great" are subjective terms that has to be transformed into objective ones.
I agree with the things said before, and I would add, look for a mentor. When I was thrown into Data Infrastructure Projects at the deep end, mentors, who worked in the sector were my saving grace.
Have you looked into the Construction Sector Community within PMI and the Construction Extension Book from PMI? Search with keywords on and check on the results.
Reading books helped me a lot when I first started as a construction project manager. Then you have to acquire experience in the field. When you master the technical aspect of the job, keep developing your leadership and management skills.
As Toyota and Toastmasters would say, wee learn by doing.
I would agree with Alok. You must have some hands on experience and take more formal approach for work. Only written things are more preferred.
Ask an expert to be your mentor.
In the construction industry, I have found that the best construction project managers are being proactive by looking down the critical path. They are strategically lining up the office details to make things work smoothly for the field staff. Learning to build and documenting is important...but the project manager's role (versus the project engineer or assistant project manager) is really about people and soft skills. Once you learn the fundamentals of construction, learn how to think ahead and negotiate well from a good mentor.

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