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What do you think about late night or weekend emails?
Hi everyone! I'm having this question on my mind for a long time and I was wondering what is your opinion? Is it ok to write emails late at night so that people see them the first thing in the morning or othen at the same night because we all stay very much connected 24/7 and use smartphones.
How do you feel about that?
Thanks for sharing!
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Hi ... This is in fact great idea especially on weekends (I guess) as everybody is a bit busy on Monday and chasing for the pending work. As a project manager, I would prefer and even do this sometimes to get critical things done on priority. As the weekend approaches, team members procrastinate the work for the next week !
Hi Lenka,
My opinion: It depends how connected and engaged are you in your project or organization. I feel it's good to stay connected and being on top of things. When I am at work, I write email or prefer to reply the same time or late at night, if the matter is important or needs attention. I would take an extra step, to message him/her on cell phone, to make aware of an email. I feel, if someone has chosen to write something related to work at that time, means, it would be important. (For a moment I would ignore, that there are people who do it merely to garner attention or some seniors merely checking on their team). Quite often one may encounter something related to work and may feel that it’s important to write it then, instead of waiting till morning. There could be an instances where your colleagues from other locations could be working if they are time zones away and may need your response.
Different people have different methods. At times, the days can become so busy that some administrative, or other, items are done later. You get home, take time with family, get the kids to bed, watch GoT :), then take a few minutes to prepare thoughts or requests for the next day. Plus, different timezones sometimes as well.

I use 'send later' options so as to try to restrict disturbing the team if I don't expect a response right away. Write the email at 10pm, send at 8am.
Unless the situation is truly THAT urgent which requires immediate after hours attention, I'd agree with Andrew that using a scheduled send option so that you compose the message whenever you want but it will arrive in the team members' mailboxes only a few minutes before the start of the next work day is a better approach.

Remember that we want our team members to work a sustainable pace and be able to easily juggle work and personal commitments so let's help not hinder them in this regard.
1 reply by Yenny Peguero Jimenez
May 20, 2019 4:51 PM
Yenny Peguero Jimenez
Exactly my opinion! Just if it is urgent. I remember that one of my functional user told me: please dont send me emails on weekend, you can send it just if they need inmediate action. So since then what i do is to program the delay delivery on outlook, so the email it is already in memory and wont be delivery till the date i set.
No problems with 24/7 emails - sending or receiving. It is up to the receiver to set the filter. Emails are asynchronous communication and hence do not require immediate attention.
Sometimes you just have to write that late night or weekend email so you don't lose what you were thinking of. You could have made notes of your thoughts to write that email on Monday, but what if you get distracted on Monday so if it's really important to send an email out right away.
I've got no problem with it as long as there is no expectation that emails will be read/ worked upon outside of business hours.

I make it clear to my team that I may send emails outside of business hours but they don't need to respond to them until their next business working day. I try to make sure that I can give them a work /life balance, even if my own is quite skewed!
I never send emails after business hours because I don't want my folks to feel compelled to reply to them at night or weekends. If I have something that has to be done at night or a weekend, I call and explain the extenuating circumstance.
Yes perfectly ok. But you should expect people to only react to them during office hours, except when otherwise stated i.e. 24/7 support. When you work with virtual teams across geographic boundaries it actually becomes a 'must do' if you want to keep the wheel moving. Waiting until business hours might result in the loss of a business day if the time differences are big.
1 reply by Dora Mejia
May 22, 2019 8:09 PM
Dora Mejia
absolutely agree with your point
I don't mind receiving night/weekend emails but I don't feel obliged to answer if I'm off duty. I like the advance notice so I can problem solve while running errands.
I did have a 24/7 availability obligation for some years so was committed to a four-hour turn-around if not received between midnight and 6am (my time). It was not an "on-call" but part of the contract. The 60 or so I managed on that same 24/7 contract obligation got a phone call if it was outside the schedule and time-sensitive because I did not really expect they would even be plugged in. Exception was disaster management which basically put everyone on-call.
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