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Some time we communicates with team or stakeholders or others but it was misunderstood in this case ,how to correct things when communication is misunderstood ?
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The fact that awareness of misunderstanding in the communication is the first step.

Make everything clear for everybody. Let them know that what you mean and state the possible misunderstandings and exclude them from your comments, notes.

HI Shadav - Ask them to repeat what you said in their own words! You will spot the communication defaults right away, Best

Misunderstandings occur when one or more parties do not have all the vital pieces of information or fail to comprehend what the other party wants to convey. You can resolve the misunderstanding by:

1) Identifying and listing all the points which you want the other parties to understand
2) Ask questions to understand which points have been understood correctly and which not
3) Concentrate and work on only those points which have been misunderstood

I prefer a one-on-one meeting but if it is a big group or a group of senior members, I suggest a well-written email giving concise explanation of what was misunderstood and what you meant by your message (preferably with examples which they can connect to)

Add more context whether email or verbal. Everyone is coming from their own perspective and what you said and what they believe they heard is always different. The less context the greater the divergence of understanding each other.

Shadav -

This is the importance of communication planning - picking the right medium, timing and so on for the message to avoid any "noise" between sender & recipient. If a misinterpretation occurs, you'd want to meet with the recipient ASAP to resolve it.


Well Points are noted. Thanks for all of you for your reply.

1st of all make proper communication management plan and share with all stakeholders so that what type of communication will shared when and whom and frequency. By chance there is any misunderstanding get generated then you have communication monitoring process to monitor and take corrective actions case to case. One to one, or in group or by other way.

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