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Project Management Tools
I'm searching for a cost-effective and rich online tool to manage my projects. From your experience what would be the most appropriate tools to use. I searched online and found a lot of these tools but as I know from experience that most times you don't get what you see as you wished and you end up using a inefficient tool, any suggestions?
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run the demo version.
Find the user comments and rankings on them
Identify and prioritize your needs
The decision must be taken based on your process of project/program/portfolio management.
For work, I use what is designated by the organization. I've used Excel, MS Project, Jira, TFS/ADO - for personal, I use Trello.
Both Trello and Excel are excellent tools. Trello for Kanban Boards and Excel for storing data, then generating KPIs with Pivot Tables, Power Pivot Tables and Graphs/Charts. In addition, you can do an OLE link between Excel and PowerPoint, where PowerPoint displays the data from Excel in the form of a dashboard, without actually giving access to the Excel data so that it can't be inadvertently modified.
Smartsheet. great dashboard feature and inexpensive.

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