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Are Designations important or the work we do?

Need all your opinions before I take some important decisions. Various organizations has different designations. A good example is in my previous organization I was a Technology Architect which was the same level of a Project Manager in the delivery side. Are organizations value the designations held or the work we do?
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It has to do with the organizational culture. The most important thing is to show what you did/ are doing. You really need to define your title/designation for them

I do not complete understand the meaning of term "designation" (sorry but english is not my first language) but I will take the last part of your post. Organizations, in my personal experience, value the work you do or what is better the value you deliver to the organization thanks the work you do mainly. And here the trick: value is something subjetive that must be converted into objective ones. For example, in some organizations, because the dynamic, if you perform project management activities "by the book" then you will not add value.

Different organizations have different titles/designations for different work. As Abolfazi mentioned, what is important is the actual work and intent of the role.

The work is more important than the designations. But it surely depend on the organisation's culture, it can happen to find advantageous designations with less work than others.

Designations are mostly beneficial for new employers or clients. It provides them with a frame of reference in regards to your capabiities.

Once hired or put on a project, the designation is not very important.

The work that you do and an Empowerment from the manager for the work that you do are both more important than your designation.

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