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Career Options for PMs Looking to Move Up
What are career options for to experienced project managers looking to move up? Let's forgo the obvious answers of PM II, PM III, and Project Director. If a project manager wants to utilize their expertise outside of a specifically PM role, where might they go? Is there a C level position that they might shoot for?

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Sometimes moving horizontally - perhaps to a business operation is a way to build expertise required to move up.
Depending on the background and experience lateral or upward moves can be made to other functions like Sales, Quality, Engineering or Finance.
Thank you Gurjit and Anon,

I'm curious if others feel the same. As someone who is always looking for the next milestone, it feels like there are decidedly few once you become a PM.
Project management is a good stepping stone to many potential management roles given the stakeholder engagement and soft skills focus needed to be a successful PM. As such, I'd say it comes down to an individual's personal objectives coupled with the strength of their business relationships and a healthy dose of luck!

Have you considered becoming self-employed? While it can be somewhat daunting, it does allow you the freedom to explore new projects, new industries and even new paths. Who knows: you might find out what you want to be when you grow up?
Many options are open, many suggested here. One that I have seen is the project sponsor role if you stay in the organization, getting closer to a C-Level if that is your goal.
I do agree with Gurjit.
A PM can most easily enter the executive world as a Director of Project Management. This is often an executive in most companies, and if it isn't it’s a great stepping stone into one.
Otherwise, consider that executives are specialists (VP of Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc.). If you have experience as a PM in a particular area you *might* convince someone to hire you as an executive in the same area, but it probably won't be easy. Having an executive-sounding title carries a lot of weight with executives recruiters than ‘Project Manager’ ever will. The PM-Director of Project Management-Executive route would probably be the quickest route the board room.
Actually, you can seek an executive position with a smaller company; they’re usually more open to handing out executive titles than established titles. One you have that title on your resume it will be far easier for you to find executive positions in the future.
An independent Project Management Consultant providing specialist project management Resources and advice that guarantees rescuing troubled projects , possibly around a niche market sector - eg Petrochemicals or FMCG

people work for you , you're an entrepreneur and now you can start seeing the $$$

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