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Topics: Schedule Management, Scheduling, Scope Management, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
What Software do you use to create your WBS?
And do you have a way to integrate the schedules within the WBS into Microsoft Project? I have come accross videos of people integreating Visio WBS to MS Project but it doesn't look very intuitive and I'm curious what this community does.
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I've made the WBS in Project, but I found it works better to create it in Word (which happens to support the numbering format quite nicely). The Word document is a conversation piece, and it worked well because it's easy to share, easy to read, and easy to edit.

I've never tried to import a Word doc into Project. I assume it won't work, but honestly I never even thought to try. I just did the work myself and felt satisfied that my WBS was better.
I usually use MindMapper to create my WBS. It´s a very easy program to use and you can export your WBS into Microsoft Project.
WBS outlines can be copied & pasted from MS Word into MS Project and MSP will respect the indents...
you can check smartsheet
You could use XMind to draft the WBS backbone and then translate this to MS Project, where you add further detail.
Try Edraw Max Breakdown Structure Software. Regards.
I have use spreadsheet and word processor, it makes it easy to exchange with anybody in the project while developing the WBS.

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