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the 5 Ws/1 H of ITTOs

Is there a document that contains the 5 Ws/1H of the ITTOs?
Who's using this ITTO?
What is it?
Where (what process) is it used in?
When is it used? Why do we choose this over others?
How do we use it?

Most spreadsheets or documents I've seen list it the way the PMBOK does, as generic "Project documents", "Project Management Plan", or "Data Gathering", etc., but for example what's specifically used in each process group in the Project documents, Project Management Plan, Data Gathering goes much further than that. This is essentially what the PMP exam is really testing, so to have a compiled document to study would be ideal. But does one exist?
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Sunil -

Unfortunately not as remember the PMBOK is a framework and not a methodology. When a team or organization uses a framework like the PMBOK and develops their own methodology they will fill out the details.

It also changes based on the context and complexity of a project.

Finally, remember that not all ITTO's will be used on all projects - usually it is just a subset.


You better have a look at PMBOK. ITTOs are for project managers to manage the processes.

Each person prepares this document himself as per his/her understanding for PMP exam so study/go through PMBOK couple of times then you are able to understand links and you can get an idea to prepare this document as per your understanding.

You have to understand all ITTOs concepts to pass the exam, It is good to prepare this document yourself. It will help you in two to three ways i.e. to understand the concept and help in other topics and passing exam.

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