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What are good ways to acquire sponsor feedback on project and project manager performance

I am looking for a good method, process and/or tool to use to acquire sponsor feedback on project and PM performance. I have tried surveys in the past, but would like to consider other options. We use MS Project and SharePoint as tools for the PMs, so maybe there is something that can be utilized from one of those applications. I am open to considering another application or tool as well. We complete lessons learned at the conclusion of every project, but I would like to obtain information from the sponsor more on the PM performance and the management of the project. What have others use to achieve this?
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In my case the only tool that worked is 1-1 meeting no matter via skype or other tool if we are not located in the same place of phone call. Sometimes people do not like to put things on paper.

Hi Amber, Are we only looking for tools to capture the feedback or is it a question of effective feedback, means sponsor is not quite interested in providing a feedback, because if the sponsor is engaged he / she will provide feedback in any tool.

I agree with Sergio fully the critical thing is to build a working relationship through trust with the sponsor and best way to do that is with 1-1 communications. Having a group status with all stakeholders meeting is important, but building that 1-1 communication is only way I have found to ensure you are getting good feedback form the sponsor and other stakeholders. I don't know of a good tool to manage this other than proactively manage the sessions via MS Project or via Outlook to ensure a cadence for the contacts based on what is appropriate for the given sponsor.

Luckily our sponsors are on the same level as us so its easy for me to have a weekly meeting with them face to face . But I dread the situation where the sponsors are in a different city or country .

Through meetings, by video conference or by telephone with sponsor

Through face-to-face meetings, by video conference or by telephone with sponsor

Ask the Sponsor three direct questions on writing so, he/she has time to reflect on them. Use the feedback accordingly.

1. What should I continue doing / what am I doing well?

2. What should I stop doing / what am I not doing well?

3. What else should I be doing / in what area should I further develop?

The best way is through direct meetings, also make sure to gain feedback from key stakeholders besides the sponsor

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