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Could a person at the same time be the Customer/Requester and the PM of a project?
I am responsable for the IT Project Porthfolio inside a organization, we are 15 people in IT department and almost every person can be the PM of a project, depending on the project objective and implications.

One of my PMs needs to make a medium size change related by him responsabilities, he wants to make it a project, could he be at the same project the PM and the requester? i mean, he would be leading the execution of the project in order to deliver a product for himself.
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Remember that these are roles not always individuals so sure...
.. but remember that each role has it purpose, accountability and set of responsibilities. Sometimes those roles are meant to challenge each other.
conflict of interest is sure to surface. It's like a doctor should never treat their own wounds. I would let another PM run this project if I were you Jorge.
Yes I see this situation all that time in engineering. If I am assigned to perform some root cause analysis on a problem, I am expected to come back with not only the causes identified but proposed solutions and it's likely that I will be managing implementation of my own proposal.

People can get too emotionally attached to their product or plan so there should be impartial input and/or oversight so that they don't develop blind spots. Some project managers do get hung up on wanting their solution instead of the best solution. People who can not only identify problems or gaps but also propose solutions and manage their execution is a sought after skill set. That's often what a Project Engineer does.
It is not possible because there will be conflicts of interest.

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