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Getting Certified as a PM
I am what I believed is termed an "accidental project manager" and found myself managing a project due to my background as an architect. I'm now considering getting certified but the amount of information out there is so overwhelming to get to grips with. Any tips and/or advice on what I should do to go about getting certified and what certification would be the best for me to pursue.
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May 30, 2019 5:47 AM
Replying to Diego Antimi
I've just pass the PMP exam on the first attempt the two days ago.

From my experience I suggest you the following if you decide to get the PMP
( I assumed you already have the prerequisites):

1- Get the 35 Hours of PM Education with on line course of Joseph Phillips on Udemy for about 10$ if you catch the recurrent offers.

2-Study both:
-Rita Mulcahy :PMP Exam Prep 9th ed.
-PMBok 6th ed ( you can get an electronic copy for free if you are Member of PMI)

3-Test with on line simulators ( I suggest you ones from PM Prepcast as their tests are very similar to the real test)

Due to my personal and work commitments I've manage to achieve the certification in about 5 months, spend the most efforts on the last 3 weeks.

I hope this can help you on your certification.
Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing
May 26, 2019 9:18 AM
1) I have written several articles that include funny stories from my Tier 1 Contractor experiences that may interest you.
2) If you are truly interested in running Construction Projects, I would recommend you read the latest Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep book. In my opinion, this will expose you to all the priorities and practices of Tier 1 Construction and prepare you for the Exam.
3) Great Project Managers are born and not made- Some of the Qualities I identify with Great PM's: Type A personality, Sense of urgency to meet the Schedule and Financial demands, Extreme Technical Skills, Team Building personality (people want to work for YOU), and a strong focus and support of SAFETY.

Good Luck!
From the Trenches!
Thanks for the advice! I'll check out your articles
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