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Change project name after the Project Charter have been Approved

Can i change the project name after the Project Charter have been Approved?

What's your opinion?
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Yenny -

Assuming key stakeholders such as the sponsor and team are okay with the change that should be fine.

However, you might find that the effort involved in updating completed and in progress artifacts to reflect the new name, and the potential confusion among stakeholders until the new name becomes well understood might not be justified.


Thank you so much Kiron.

Hello Yenny: If your stakeholders agree, you can change the name of the project. I have had projects with vendors and during the project both my company and the vendor changed names so we had to change the name of the project as well.

As stated above, if stakeholders agree then Yes. Make sure to update the versioning changes with necessary info. Who made the change, when, what was the change etc.

Should be handled as a change request with appropriate impact analysis, expected benefits and approvals.

You can everything your project team approve. But change the name is one of the worst decisions you can take. It is not about project mangement, is about maketing theory.
2 replies by Muhammad Arif Nurrohman and Yenny Peguero Jimenez
May 27, 2019 8:56 AM
Yenny Peguero Jimenez
Thank you Sergio.
Aug 01, 2019 9:24 PM
Muhammad Arif Nurrohman
You’re absolutely right Sergio. Anyone of implementation team will refer to project charter to know what the SOW, project objectives and so on. Sometimes I try to involved PM early to ensure whether within special conditions the timeline still realistic or not? It purpose to reduce gap between plan & actual. Because a good plan will very determined how the implementation running.

This happens frequently without the PM involvement. Projects may be called one thing during the conceptual design phase, then marketing changes the name for the sales campaign. It can cause confusion, and a lot of paperwork updates, but it happens. It's just like the business can reorganize, and now several of the stakeholders have different organization names than was listed in the charter. Inconvenient but a fact of life.

You can as long as you have a good reason to do that and definitely you also must get approvement from project sponsor.

Yenny, the question is why would you need to change the name? that was chosen at the time of inception phase and related to the deliverable or certain identification of project requirements.

You might find your self engaged in unnecessary changes for example all control documents, legal permits, registration with financial institute etc

There are, or could be, numerous factors behind the need to change the name, each with potential paths, all generally listed above. Change request, marketing, simplicity, etc. In the end, just be cautious at any downstream impacts, b/c as we all know, there's always some hidden nugget of excitement waiting for us around the corner. Does it really need to be done?
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