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Who are you as a project manager?

I have come across many types of project managers over the decades, and thought it would be interesting to create a categorical list of project manager types/qualities (from my personal experience) and see if they resonated with the community. I put Hover Text over each type to give an explanation of that quality, if that doesn’t work, then you can see the details on my recent BLOG entry.

Provide a ranking of the qualities you see in yourself and/or opinions regarding the list. These are all neutral qualities with no intention of portraying one to be better than another. Provide additional categories if you believe they are missing.

- Business Domain Expert
- Coach
- Executive
- Manager
- Next Generation PM
- Philosopher / Architect
- Pragmatist (mixed methods)
- Process Specialist
- Soft-Skills Expert
- Technical Delivery Expert
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-philosopher / Architect

It is difficult for me to determine a particular quality. I am an excellent facilitator of relationship with technical knowledge. I would say that I am Pragmatist (mixed methods) while managing and coaching... but not cowboy :-)

May 27, 2019 11:46 AM
Replying to George Freeman
Hi Greg,

My question states, "Provide a ranking of the qualities you see in yourself," which is explicitly acknowledging the 'Many' relationship. This is a virtual community, and you get to know the members by the content they contribute; this light-hearted question serves that purpose.

I’m not sure what you meant by "there are two kinds of people: those who put things into categories and those that don't." However, I read the description of your upcoming book (which I'm looking forward to reading) and see that we both use categories, so I will take it as a compliment. :)
Your posting also says, " Provide additional categories if you believe they are missing." So, my intention was to challenge categorization by saying that an appropriate category is that there is no category. I'm cautious when it comes to placing labels on people. I fight my tendency to categorize people with simplistic labels, so I didn't elect to place myself in one of the categories.

It might be fair to say that my book, How to Think Strategically, categorizes people into competent versus incompetent, but that is a very minor distinction. It's mostly rhetorical. The bigger (better) idea is to match one's responses to the situation. The human personality is a fluid concept.

If pushed to commit, I'd rather be Batman than Joker. But Joker still brings a valuable perspective to a situation where good (rather than bad) strategy is needed.
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