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We are currently entering a stage of Business Transformation, and we would like to start the visioning with our Executive team. We have discussed ERP (CRM/HRIS/FIN) replacement ideas that would help drive our visions, but we really could use some extra support walking through this process.

Just wondering if others have been in the same boat, and if they could provide some strategies or lessons learned from their experience.
i have had this experience with selecting and implementing new solutions for the business in transformation projects. Althought selection is a key point, I consider implementation to be the key to a succesful program. You can select the best of bread, but have a disaster impleentation. In evaluating vendors and solutions consider the implementation capabilities and experience. On the other hand. customize a lot is a key issue in this kind of projects. a vendor that is able to use its package in a multiple organizations and do not negotiate customizaitions but using more the business parameter definition strenghts.

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