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What do you see as the most significant PM trend in the next 5 years?
I'm conducting research for some upcoming articles on my page (Careers section). I'm a strong believer that project management isn't just for PMs and virtually everyone could benefit from PM skills and expertise. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the biggest trends on the horizon for PM in the next 5 years?
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The need for project managers to acquire, leverage, and highlight extended domain skills. Although not new, the emphasis and requirement for extended domain qualities will continue to increase as the nexus between project efficiency and effectiveness drives transformation within enterprises.
The addition of creativity as a fundamental part of manging any project seems to be gaining a lot of traction as organisation aim to distinguish themselves from their competitor even before a product or service has gone live.
There will be a continued emphasis on project agility.

Not necessarily Scrum or another specific framework, but on the need to start projects sooner, fail earlier, and adapt more easily in order to keep pace in the modern world.

PMI just put a great deal of effort into the PMBOK 6th edition in an attempt to catch up on decades of lean and agile practices. This is strong evidence of how important it has become.
I think with new disrupting technologies coming to forefront. We all have to update ourselves to keep pace on technical levels. Also, human-to-human interaction will become more important as AI, ML will gain prominence in coming years.

Even there are couple of software's being designed using AI,ML which can lessen workload for PM to some extent in next 5 yrs & they will track project progress & send followup emails all by themselves so I think technical, human aspect will remain to be managed by PM.
Project managers are particularly well placed and qualified to facilitate organizational change management. Our projects deliver products, services and results. They also deliver a new organization and new leaders.
Speed and agility are going to be increasingly integral. PM's are going to be rewarded not on how well they follow a process but how effectively they deliver results. It's going to be more and more about doing the right thing, not doing things right.

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