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How valuable are PM skills for organizational leaders? Which PM skills do virtually everyone need to learn?

I'm conducting research for some upcoming articles on my site (Careers section). I'm a strong believer that project management isn't just for PMs and virtually everyone could benefit from PM skills and expertise. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Thanks in advance.
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I'm totally agree. PM skills can complete a lot of profiles. If you have some skills, like SAP consultant (or whatever) and you develop the PM skill you profile is more powerful. JNoijn two profiles in one person could be very interesting

Risk Management and Issue Management should be on top of every organizational leader's list , just the same as a Project Manager.
Apart from that they also need to be sticklers for Quality (lean practices, minimizing waste, embedding quality in the work as opposed to treating it as a discrete activity to be done post manufacture or build )

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