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Obsolescence of the PM role
Is the PM role getting obsolete? Why?
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No, but thing is that in this fast moving world, new technology and methodology coming very frequently so PM should synchronize with that to be upto date and be competent.
I do not think that PM role is obsolete but I think that some traditional roles of a PM are becoming obsolete in projects that require a more adaptive approach.
No. A role is something that anybody can potentially perform, some better than others. While it might seem like the PM is disappearing because the role is not defined under some structures the function still exists. The title, on the other hand, is a different matter and the use of the title is on the decline but whether it will disappear I'm doubtful.
No. But it must adapt to various changes and challenges.
No. May have some behavioral adaptations or shifts in approach.
Not as long as project work is done by humans but as with all roles, evolution and adaptation will be needed to ensure PMs continue to add value.

No. It may change but still exist.
The question assumes that the PM role is getting obsolete. This is not the case, to the contrary, more and more companies and industries realize the need to have PMs in order to achieve the organizational goals and realize (project) benefits.
No. The PM role will be around for long, it has just evolved over the years and will continue to do so.
No, there is more need for it than ever as the pace of change is so fast
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