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Obsolescence of the PM role

Is the PM role getting obsolete? Why?
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While some companies never had a formal PM manager role defined by their Org Chart, informally, any new initiative needs a PM and based on my experience, it's, most of the times the core of the initiative success. The more the appointed PM knows about Project Management and its skills are supporting it, the better chances the initiative has to succeed.
In today dynamic business environment the only certainty is the change, so there will always be new initiatives/projects to be driven.

The role will never become obsolete. They might morph, split, amalgamate but the responsibilities of a project manager will always be required for a project.

As long as there are projects - I think there will be project managers. In the healthcare industry the demand for PMs is growing.

The need for -good- project managers is not going away. If anything, more businesses and organizations are still recognizing the need for it.

But I agree that project management practices continue to evolve, as they should. If they ever decide to stop updating the PMBOK, we're in trouble.

I'm not sure I can answer this without mirroring what everyone else has said. If the position of the PM went away, the role would need to be reassigned, even if it was split between more than one person. The artifacts could go away - get rid of the charter, for example - but you would still need scope and business objectives (even if they are evolving), clearly defined roles and responsibilities, an understanding of the risks and benefits associated with the project, etc... You can run projects without these things - people do all the time - but your projects will be more efficient, effective, and successful with them.

PM is just bringing a structured approach to projects, and developing and using tools/models/techniques to do that more effectively. Some of those specifics may become obsolete, but not the role of the PM itself.

I agree with Anca, "No. But it must adapt to various changes and challenges."
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