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To move forward on Project, we need review comments from one of important stakeholder.PM contacts to this stakeholder as per communication plan. But Stakeholder replies that he is on holiday and he will review comments after coming back. Due to late review comments from stakeholder, project will not be completed on scheduled time. Now what should PM do?
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As PM you firstly need to answer the question - where was the problem, that you were not informed about his vacation and have noone who can replace his comments.
Why? To eliminate this possibility in the future.
Second - communicate with his manager and try to get comments from other expert, or from manager, or, if he is C-level - from his employer.
If there is no ways to get comments from other one - try to reschedule project after his comments.
You also can try to make work without his comments, but there is big possibility of rework.
It may be expensive, but if your priority is time - i can't see other ways to.

Does the stakeholder understand the impacts of the delay? If not, help him understand those and explore options such as the ones suggested above or seeing if a proxy reviewer can be empowered in the absence of the primary stakeholder.

Agree with Kiron. First, try to make it clear for all stakeholders and then decide accordingly.

Agree with Kiron. In future, to avoid this happening again make sure you have included people's holidays in your resource calendar (I'm assuming you are using MS Project)

Agree with Kiron. If stakeholder understands and still won't provide comments, since you say the impact is that the project completion date is in jeopardy, the project sponsor should be made aware right away.

I also agree with Mikhail regarding taking the opportunity to understand the cause of this issue and document lessons learned. Was this captured as a risk initially?

Thanks to All of You for sharing good points.

Like Kiron said, make the stakeholder understand the impacts. Explain to him that deadlines are being compromised here. If he is cooperative enough, explore the possibility of a quick virtual meeting. More importantly update the lessons learned register so that such problems won't occur again.

Communication is very important. Stakeholders need to share their thoughts and concerns on dot. Personal considerations do not have place in professional commitments.

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