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PMI Volunteering - Will selecting a help desk opportunity help me build experience?
There is an interesting volunteer opportunity that is focused around helping my PMI Chapter manage their MS Dynamics ticketing system. I have worked help desk before and I love using MS Dynamics so naturally I'm tempted to apply for this opening but I'm wondering if none project management/coordination volunteering opportunities will help me build my portfolio. I have never volunteered with PMI before.
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Go for it! Yes, it will definitely help you build experience and meet people. It may also bring you some other opportunities at some point in time. The fact you have some background already it s an asset, will make things easier for you. Good luck!
It absolutely ll help you build your volunteer portfolio, and about project management - it ll depend on your actions and activity.
As for me - volunteer is interesting experience and way to expend your vision.
Sure, why not? As anca and Mikhail suggest, could lead to other opportunities/engagements and build up your volunteering portfolio.
It can be a good start point. Give it a shot.
It's a good opportunity to improve your skills. All the very best !!
Not at all. if you need project manger experience remember that each people on this world is performing project mangerment from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. I performed class courses about this topic from years. The diference is the degree of formality you have to follow when you will go to apply it inside organizations and it depends of the framwork you choose (PMI, IPMA, GPM, etc.)
Just because its volunteering does not make it any less of a challenge so if its working with an application that you love using then this experience will only benefit you by expanding your professional network and portfolio experience.

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