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Project Plan Templates

Hello everyone.

Earlier I had made a request for project plan templates. I had several replies, most of which refered me to the template section of the web site.

I must say that the template section is very disappointing. The items listed there are old and NOT project plans but project schedules.

I am very disappointed in the lack of these items. As a network of Project Management Professionals, I believe we need to ensure that the single most cause of project failure is not due to the lack of assistance in the area of examples/templates.

Sorry for the soap box speach. I'll step down now.

If anyone know where good examples of project plan may be found, please let me know.

Thank you.
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Hi Thomas –These templates are generic in nature, and not meant for any specific industry. These are pointers as to what should/could be included in a particular template. It helps as a starting point for your approach. Based on your project & organization needs you could think through, discuss among your team and customize the template. As you progress in your project, there will be instances to further include some aspects to the template and that’s how you continue to improvise your template and work. Some of the templates in the PMI repository may be old and as the nature and complexity of project changes, people may not have been able to share those changes back to PMI template repository – one reason could be IP related.
These templates are not a substitute for the efforts, and the amount of work you would put in for your project requirements. All the best for your project.

Agree with Ganesh.
Google it. You may need to combine some of them and add to create yours

As our colleagues said, will be not easy to find one that fix perfect to your need, you have to take the one you find here as a model.

I think you may be looking in the wrong section. I just looked around in the Deliverables section and immediately found multiple things not related to schedule. WBS, Risk Management, Communication Plan Template...

The content is only as good as the input from members. Unfortunately for a lot of us, our personal work is proprietary and it's hard to share actual examples.

I will echo the others that you need to tailor the templates.

Here is my personal advice from several years as a PM in a variety of domains, and then making up some very detailed, professional quality plans as part of my MS program, for projects that didn't actually exist, to demonstrate theory to the professors:

Terrific if you can find actual templates, but look up as many specific project examples as you can from as many places as you can, giving you a superset of things you might include in your personalized plan. Patterns quickly reveal themselves. Based on the requirements of the project, you select the subset appropriate to your needs and customize it from there.

A lot of the hard work in Project Management is designing each set of Project Management documentation for a specific project. The use of generic documentation should only be used as an outline and template in order to provide Project managers with a view of how the Project documentation should be populated. The main reason that documentation reuse from previous projects is not encouraged is that the Project documentation is highly detailed, specific and configured according to the function and purpose of a project.

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