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I believe on the power of the team. Do you?

I am excited to start a new journey and continue serving the Project Management community of practice. I am back. Inspiring each other to be the best we can in everything we do is one of my charges to wake up and be ready to rock it! Let's start the conversation.

The People factor is the topic of the day! How do you empower the team to succeed?
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Encourage the team to make as many decisions (within organizational policies) for themselves as possible and give them the freedom to fail safely.


As Kiron points out, your job is provide your team with a safe and supportive environment and experience. That means you have to provide them the means and freedom to develop and secure the tools, processes and resources they need to succeed.

You will likely need to provide some mentoring and coaching.

You should ask for their ideas and insights and inputs , show that you trust your team members and encourage to them for open communication and reinforce with positive feedback .

Hi Sara, all that Kiron has mentioned, but one step before, encouraging people to invest in themselves with learnings, constantly updating themselves with relevant information being relevant, which in turn will give them the spark to succeed.

Being a team leader is something we develop through expertise and knowledge and soft skills should be the highlight of the day.Interpersonal skills can be broken down individually and the need to research and examine each one of them should be carefully evaluated thus uplifting the team with a more proactive and contstructive mindset.

Absolutely Sara, team is for project management like the blood for the human organism. It must be carefully and cautiously very well maintained. Coaching, empowerment and mentoring must be provided with love and kindness. But we must keep in mind that the only " raison d'être" of this noble attitude is the success of the project.

Ask for suggestions. Delegate and make them feel as owners.

Definitely, the power is in a team.

For me it is engagement. If the team is engaged they can achieve any goal

Hello everyone, in my humble opinion and experience, I think that empowerment is an instrument of trust. I see the gain of confidence as a fundamental element for the development of soft skills in the direction of projects, so it should be offered little by little, similar to feeding a small rodent, if we give a lot it will be scared, but if we do not give it, because it will simply go away, the art of being able to gain the trust of a rodent is something that I usually illustrate in my classes, where the participants must see the way to reach the confidence of the animal.
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