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Multi-million usd project stakeholders and risk analysis
On a multi-million usd project when developing a stakeholders and risk analysis as far as the government input do you include each and every ministry, department and direction or you simply do it under the government umbrella?
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When I work with government entities, I have found that due to the natural bureaucratic workflow, most government agencies are very much compartmentalized and "customer-oriented". Meaning, that each department head, each project stakeholder will hold their own views, thus valuing the project in their individual terms. This means that we have to identify each stakeholder individually to learn how to best manage their needs.
I would say yes. I would include each entity because they may impact the project or get impacted differently.
I included each one impacted . Why? Because in my personal experience on this projects some people that was in the low influence-low interest quadrant then changed to high influence-high interest quadrant.
It tends to be the nature of government that individual branches operate like mini-empires with their own agendas which can be counter to each other. If they act as independent entities and are a significant influence on the project, I would consider them as separate functions rather than grouping them under a common "Government" umbrella. If there are multiple branches/entities/whatever which have a minor influence on the project, then I might bucket them together.
We have to consider all stakeholders who are directly or indirectly connected to that project and going to impact the project in govt. as well as non-govt. project, from time to time we have to check their status of impact change from low to high or high to low as well as add and remove if there any new stakeholders and remove if someone does not exist from the existing list.
In the same aspect, we have to consider all risk elements and also involve all stakeholder to make the list of risk to create the risk register and their probable impact for further analysis.
It is a 2-step process repeated like breathing:
1. widen your view to identify as many stakeholders as you can (a team brainstorming helps) - breath-in
2. focus on the important stakeholders to borrow their power, and this might change over time (again a team will help to prioritize) - breath-out

Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations. Any organization is represented by individuals, so these have at least 2 roles and characteristics (representing the organization and as individual) for your project. On top, they might be part of a group (e.g. the red-heads).

I led a program and had 250 stakeholders. I prioritized them and assigned team members for covering them individually. Minimum requirement was one call per month. And yes, mass communication came on top.

You should start by identifying each and every one of them. Identify for each of them the potential impact of the project, pros and con. Don't limit the identification to the governmental organization, many stakeholders outside might have an impact on your project.

You may eventually consider grouping them base on your stakeholder analysis.
Thank you all for your contributions and confirmations with which I agree 100%. Generalization is a big mistake when it comes to Stakeholders and Risk Management!
Thank you all for your contributions and confirmations with which I agree 100%. Generalization is a big mistake when it comes to Stakeholders and Risk Management!

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