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Survey question: All PMPs and "To Be's"

Hi, this is a survey question for all PMPs and to be's.
"How did you prepare for the exam:
1. Classroom training,
2. Online Self study course,
3. Online virtual instructor course,
4. No course ( self-studied)
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Class Room Training
PMBoK guide
Rita Mulcahy's Book
PM Prepcast online simulated exams - Purchased
HeadFirst PMP Book

For me was option number 4. No course ( self-studied)
Here are some resources I used:

Quiz, ITTOs and exam simulator (Paid version)

Exam simulator (Free version)

Exam Prep book (Rita Mulcahy)

PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition


Hope it helps!

I am currently studying for the pmp and did not really know where to begin.There is so much material one can gather from so many sources but at the end of the day it becomes more stressful and scary cause you start to doubt yourself.
So i purchased the pm bok started reading it,i mean just browsing initially and not studying or memorising but merely understanding really.I read the first 70 pages for about 5 times and started to apply it on my expertise and knowledge in the field and hey guess what?I wish i had done this earlier in my life.It started to fit like a puzzle for me.So heres the deal understand the basics just like how you did it in school and start a firm foundation with the intro and all will fall into place.The most important procedure i have maintained is after you understand a concept,idea or term try and remember where you have experienced,used or come across this previously even in your personal life or work experience.
It is truly a long,long way to go but first things first a foundation so that your structure is firm and closed or completed like a project on its own cause if you think about it,it really is.
1 reply by Eric Isom
Jun 01, 2019 6:19 PM
Eric Isom
I recommend you take a course specifically designed to prepare you for the PMP® exam. Select the delivery method based on your preferred learning style, available time, and desired budget. Personally, I prefer the self-paced courses as they fit my availability better and allow me to go faster or slower, as needed.

4. Self study

2 and 4. I took an online self-study course and I read the PMBOK and a PMBOK study guide.

1 for me at my time. It would be best if you post this as a poll, much better in terms of how the statistics will be presented.

For me : 1 (class room training), plus reading the PMBOK.

1 & 2.
I picked up a concentration in project management in a program endorsed by PMI, so I had a lot of classroom study designed around the PMP exam (academic, not "real world"). But then I had an issue getting scheduled to sit for the exam. By the time I got it resolved, I wanted a refresher, so I took an online course. That course included some online practice tests, which may have helped me prepare as much as anything else that I did.

I forgot that I literally mapped out the entire PMBOK to help me understand it. Sounds goofy, but it helped me retain a lot of information. So put me down for self-study, as well.

Class Room Training
PMBoK guide
Rita Mulcahy's Book
Online free exams...

Mainly when you go wrong in answers, note down and re-read the topics.

Classroom training
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