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Impact of Ethical Blind Spots on Decision-making
Have you ever been in a situation where you or someone you knew suffered an ethical blind spot in a situation pertaining to an ethical issue? If yes, how did it impact the decision-making process? What were the repercussions? What, if any, are your ethical blind spots? How do we identify & manage these blind spots?
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A lot of managers have ethical blindspots, such as employee output winning over employee well-being. This will be always be an age-old problem, so finding the right balance through collaborative dialogue will satisfy the ethical demigods.
As a professional balance personal life with professional life become very difficult in this fast-moving world so its impact a lot of any one of the parts it may be personal or professional, making balance is again challenging.

In another aspect meeting project objectives, most of the professionals may come across Ethical blind spots but again make balance any one of them get impacted or difficult to balance it.
The problem is to put ethic in the right place. First, it is important to understand what ethic means. After that to decide if what ethic means for you matches with what is defined as ethic in your current work place. If not then you have to quit the place. If that is not possible then you have to live together with it at the limit is accepted by yourself. For example is ethic to be the project/program manager of an initiative where the department of defence of a goverment is creating massive destruction weapons (that is the product/service/result)? Is ethic to be project/program manager of an initiative where the result will not take care of the environment or directly will destroy it when it will be implemented?
You may be interested in learning about PMI's Ethical Decision-Making Framework, and encouraging your organization to adopt it.

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