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I scheduled to tak the PMI exam the 24th of this month can you guys advise to free study and testing material? Free testing apps. Thank you

New PMP test taker. I am seeking some advise on what to study and practice before taking the test on June 24. Any free practice apps, and testing material advise would be appreciated. Thanks
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If you have studied PMBOK properly and understand knowledge area and process group then practicing more and more mock questions, you will get 1000 questions in under knowledge and tools then go to "PMchallenge", try to answer them all by setting a timeline. Also, many practice questions available online which to belong to PMBOK 6, practice them and able to identify your gap area.
If you are able to score 80 to 85% mock questions correctly by answering 200 questions in 4 hours then your preparation is good to attend the exam, otherwise, you need further preparation.

I used YouTube extensively for free information. is an economic way to go to find more learning videos. is also a great resource. But in this short time frame I would suggest getting a really good understanding of the knowledge areas and the corresponding processes. Once that is done then the ITTO's will make more sense.

Honestly, I do not believe in using all these question - answer aids. I recommend read the PMBOK, twice, and develop your own question answers and you will pass the test.

Besides reading the PMBOK, I would suggest doing sopme simulation exams from PMPrep Cast or Watermark Learning or RMC. They are all paid site but reasonable and very good. I find free simulation exams not strong and can be misleading, but thats my personal opinion.

Good Luck !

Assuming you have already prepared through reading materials, etc., there are some simulation sites available, though, as noted above, want to be careful those don't steer you down the wrong course in the final moments. It may be worth the final investment to purchase a verified simulation option.

There is a lot to be said for not just knowing the material, but also a confident test taker. Do not discount the importance of mind and body preparedness.

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