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Frustrated with PM Experience about ready to drop all of it.

I have submitted my application. Got audited and my pmp app was rejected.

1) PMI didn't give me enough time to submit all my pm docs.
2) PMI doesn't consider over 15 years if engineering planning, even though I have worked with every process group and all knowledge regards in planning, evm, and enginnering. PMI doesn't consider PWB drawing creation and inspections pm experience. Every is different because each drawing is specifically called out.
3) I was scheduled to take the test 9 years ago but found out my daughter had a major heart defect. They wouldn't give me a refund even though the day I was scheduled to take the exam I was in the hospital with life threatening preeclampsia!!

Can I appeal? I'm thing about cancelling my membership all together!!
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Hi Laura - Try to call the PMI HQ directly and see if the customer support can help. Normalyy they are very helpful. I am sure they can help you out as well.

Laura, I Feel you. Sorry to hear of your harrowing experience, I do hope PMI HQ can sort you as suggested by Sachin above.

My experience with dealing with PMI, who are out to represent the best interest of their members, is positive and any issues or questions that I had were dealt with promptly and professionally. If possible maybe arrange a meeting with a representative from your local PMI chapter who could help guide you through the process and assist you with any issues that you maybe having. At the end of the day the number of Project Managers and projects being managed has grown substantial over the last decade so somebody with experience would be a valuable addition to any project management team. Good Luck with you application.

Audits can certainly be troublesome. I was audited for my PMI-RMP. Because I could not find all the necessary material, I had to withdraw my application. I re-applied a year later, knowing the audit would be re-triggered.

My experience with PMI staff was pleasant. They truly wanted to help me out. Like Sachin and Moushumi, I hope your experience will be fruitful.

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