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PMP Membership expire
Hi Good Morning,
My PMP Membership had been expired and now I want to renew my PMP certificate/credential as it is expiring soon. So is it compulsory to renew the PMP membership to renew the PMP credential or it will be renew automatically if I have earned the require PDU's.

Thanks for your response in advance.
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It will renew automatically if you have the required PDUs. You do not need to be a member. However, the renewal price is higher for non-members.
Hi Kamlesh,
As rightly pointed by Rami, membership is not mandatory to renew the PMP certification. If you have taken PMP related training course and have course completion certificate, you should be able to renew PMP. However, renewal fee is slightly more for non-members.
Besides by being a member you will get access to lot of free webinars that automatically qualify for PMP renewal. Hope this helps.
PMI Membership and PMP renewal are different. That said, along with the required PDU's for renewing one's PMP, there is a renewal fee as well. As noted, that fee would be less with a PMI membership. Also as noted, having a PMI membership has other benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. But it is up to the individual if those benefits are worth the investment and/or realized.
There is already comparison as mentioned in PMI website or you can contract PMI customer care!!!

But to earn more benefits for PMI membership try to attend all webinars as free to report all PDU's automatically and to renew PMP certificate as a discount price to avoid to renew membership again and pay a fee again!!!
To maintain your PMP certification you are not required to be PMI member, there is a member discount. See what are the other benefit in staying PMI member, to name a few, free PDF version of many PMI publication, this site here, and many other benefits.
Just to clarify, you can access without a PMI membership. Unfortunately, you will not have access to the premium content which includes recorded webinars.

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