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AI adoption and project Management challenges

I would like to know from the community what kind of challenges you are facing when the Project or Program is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) adoption by the Organization? Is there any feedback that this is pro technology and not the Customer?
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I worked (and I am still working) on that intiatives from 1989. IA is a hugh field regarding its application then the first thing to do is to understand which is the product/service/result based on IA the organization need to create. While is a hugh field of application the basement, the foundation is one and only one. Technology is what has changed and because of that some components of IA are able to be implemented today at competitive cost. That was not in the past. As project manager you will work with experts in the field. What you have to do is to learn all needed to tak and understanding to those experts and mainly to know how to idenfity and engate them.

My organization is using and implementing various AI tools.
Despite the full engagement of senior management, readiness of staff to engage and embrace is key and this (i.e. engagement) is one of the main traits that project managers need to develop and know how to work with internal / external stakeholders, understand their needs, and translate the AI component into a customized language to all (i.e. technical, business, etc.).

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