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Sigma PMP6

What Sigma levels, DPMO and percentages are needed to know for PMP exam?

Can someone point to the correct Sigma chart as we can't find one in the PMBOK 6?
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Even though the percentages are not mentioned in PMBOK, you are expected to know the percentages. The questions may be relevant from calculating standard deviations in the PERT example. Here are the percentages.

1 Sigma---68.26%
2 Sigma--95.46%
3 sigma---99.73%
6 Sigma---99.99%

From the examination point of view if you know above values I think this should be fine.

Anton -

Remember the PMBOK Guide is only of multiple references and questions might be based on content from other sources.


Agree with BK.

The sigma values I found online are slightly different:
1 - 31%
2 - 69%
3 - 93.3%
6 - 99.99966%

As you can see some sigma are significantly different.
Are there different sigma levels?

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