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Are the Function Managers one of the main challenges for a successful organizational transition – from waterfall to Agile Project Management?
Some Functional Managers still seem to be trying to find their role within Agile environment and have not yet recovered from micro-management attitude. They unconsciously influence their direct reports to go back to “old style”.

How do Functional Managers deal with this transition in your company? What is their role within an Agile environment?

Looking forward to receiving your insights!
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Anapaula -

Agile transformation is no different than any other type of large scale organization change initiative - it will succeed or fail based on the commitment of middle management to the new way of working.

If there isn't encouragement and vigilance from senior leadership combined with ongoing coaching of functional managers as well as changes to the metrics used to measure the performance of the managers and their teams, then I wouldn't expect the transition to go smoothly.

First of all, there is a mistake into your statement (I am saying that to help, not to critizies you): you are mixing an approach (Agile) with a life cycle (waterfall). You can apply Agile with waterfall life cycles without any problem. With that said you have to take into account that Agile is an approach, like Lean (both are totally different). Like any approach to be used into an organization is will impact the organization as a whole and it will create a need to transform the whole organization. It does mean you have to review the architecture and acting in concesuece. Trying to help here an article I wrote that was published by the PMI as best practice and was cited by others explaining about that:

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